3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau

A loan of 3,500 USD is in the area of ​​a small loan. At German banks, however, this is always awarded with a Credit Bureau examination. This alternative is no longer available. Nevertheless, there are chances of a 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau.

Find an alternative abroad

Find an alternative abroad

German citizens can find a 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau abroad. These loans are given as Swiss loans. However, there are not only banks in Switzerland, but also in Belgium that grant the loan. In order to apply for the loan, a credit intermediary must first be found. The Internet offers the best opportunities for searching. There are many providers here, but not all offers are good. This is often due to some dubious providers who actually either only want money from customers or want to sell expensive insurance.

A reputable credit broker works with the banks abroad, which give German citizens a 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau. This amount is right on the upper limit, who would need more money would not be successful here. The application is quite simple and can be done in your own four walls. Credit intermediaries are contacted on the portals, who first request some documents from the customer.

The documents include a copy of ID, proof of registration in Germany and proof of salary. If the customer meets all requirements here, the credit intermediary can take care of the offers. He contacts various banks that issue a 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau. These offers will be sent to the applicant.

After the documents have been checked, a loan can be concluded. A contract will be sent, which should be read carefully. In addition to the loan amount and interest, this contract also lists the monthly installment that must be paid. If the offer meets the customer’s expectations, the customer can send the contract signed to the credit intermediary.

The payment of the 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau takes a few days. As soon as it has been transferred to the borrower’s account, the borrower can freely dispose of the amount. German and foreign banks have one thing in common. If the repayments are stopped for whatever reason, you can apply for a garnishment.

A lot has to be taken into account when it comes to foreign loans

A lot has to be taken into account when it comes to foreign loans

So that the customer does not pay too much for the loan, he can save a lot of money. The first thing he can do is save money at the credit intermediary that requires a commission. This commission varies from agent to agent. If you take the time, you can make comparisons and find the cheapest loan broker.

Another way to save money is to compare the offers. The banks set interest rates at very different levels. so you should always keep an eye on the APR. Interest rates that differ by five or six percent are not uncommon.

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