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Recording studio London Recording studio London Recording studio London Recording studio London Recording studio London Recording studio London


We've gone to great lengths to ensure that our power supply is both as clean and as secure as possible - separate ring mains are maintained for non-audio equipment, and also for the lighting circuit which features outsized variac transformers to allow dimming to suit the mood, without the risk of induced buzz or RF interference. We are one of only a handful of studios in London to use balanced power, which substantially lowers the noise floor of most equipment.


The Furman IT Reference 16 delivers balanced power to all of the studio's audio equipment. This works in much the same way as a balanced audio signal - any noise induced in the cabling is phase-cancelled, which eliminates almost all buzz and hum. Balanced power typically lowers the noise floor of a studio by around 10dB. Although commonplace in hospitals and laboratories, it's surprisingly rare in recording studios. The IT Reference also has a special output for power amplifiers which operates a current reserve and can supply peaks of up to 80 Amps, ensuring that our monitors reproduce the biggest transients with superb accuracy.



Your power can be as clean as you like, but if it goes off or even experieces the slightest hiccup, data can be lost at best, or computers and drives can be damaged at worst. That's why we use 3 separate UPSs (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) to support our computers, drives and associated peripherals - temporary 'brown-outs' are handled with ease, and in the event of a serious outage, the UPSs hold everything up long enough for you to save your work and shut down gracefully.



Our equipment racks are all fed from ETA PD8L power distributor/conditioners (in turn fed by the Furman's balanced power) which adds power smoothing and facilitates neatly wired mains leads kept well away from audio cabling.



We use Olson professional mains sockets and extensions for all audio equipment in the studio - they offer rock-solid, reliable connections, time after time.



If you have any 110V US equipment, we'll be happy to accommodate you up to a substantial 500W - plenty for even guitar and bass amps.



High quality cable can make a big difference to the overall performance of a studio, whether because of improved signal quality, shielding from noise and hum, or plain reliability. We invested in the best we could find to make sure cable isn't something you have to worry about on a session.


We selected the highest quality multicore for all our installed cabling - Cordial's CMG series which features double-shielded jacketed pairs which are virtually impervious to induced noise, and keep crosstalk at very low levels. Connectors are all by Neutrik, including data runs such as Ethernet and MIDI which keeps connections extremely reliable.



We chose Planet Waves' Custom range for all our pre-made leads as they offer both excellent sound quality and very high reliability, with double shielding layers and extremely robust strain relief. As well as over 30 mic cables, we also have jacks (mono, stereo, right angled), MIDI, phonos and many more 'odds and sods'.



In an ideal world, adapters would be avoided, but there always seems to be at least one interconnection situation on a session that just couldn't have been foreseen. If you do have to rely on an adapter, you want it to be rock solid, and we have found the Planet Waves range to be exactly that.



There are studios who try to take care of all non-standard situations with a reel of gaffer tape, but not us! Whether it's mic stands, drum damping and tuning eqyuipment, guitar slides and capos, or maintenance tools, we try to cover all bases with a wide range of good quality accessories. And we have gaffer tape.


We have a large collection of very solid mic stands from Beyer and Ultimate which include boom, short boom, round base, mini and speciality stands, as well as an orchestral boom stand, Decca Tree and various stereo bars.



Our Ultimate guitar stands not only keep your (and our!) precious instruments from being accidentally knocked over, but unusually are also safe for nitro-laquered models such as vintage Les Pauls.


Music Stands

'Real' musicians catered for. We have 6 heavy duty music stands in-house so you don't need to bring your own - they also come in handy for lyric sheets, lap-top stands and more.



More drum tuning and damping accessories than you can shake a stick at (no pun intended) - spending time at this end before a recording can save hours of processing later. Our favourites include Moongel for precision damping, the Drum Dial for extremely accurate tuning, and the Robo Key which changes heads in record time.



As well as regular drum sticks, we also keep a variety of brushes, roots, mallets and kick drum beaters to enable you to explore a wide variety of tones and techniques.



We keep a big selection of Remo skins on hand including multiply and coated batter heads, as well as resonant heads in a variety of sizes - a new set of heads can make a vast difference to a drum recording.



Slides and capos often inspire you to play differently and find that magic sound or voicing you've been looking for.



If you're out of strings, don't panic - we have a large selection of coated and uncoated varieties for guitar and bass. New strings really improve guitar and bass recordings (don't forget to allow time for them to settle in). We also have guitar-specific tools for string-changing.



In an ideal world, nothing would ever go wrong, but unfortunately the 2nd law of thermodynamics has put paid to that! As our contribution to man's eternal battle against entropy, we keep such wonders of the modern world as the soldering iron, the wire stripper and the multi-function toolset.



It's never too late to learn! If you're looking for inspiration or have time to kill whilst waiting for your take, we keep a small library of back-issues of Sound on Sound magazine, and some of the best books around on recording and related topics. (Click each title to find out more on Amazon.)