The cheapest online consumer credit at the best no-cost rate

Find the cheapest consumer credit by comparing the best rates (APRs) of banks and credit organizations in our selection. Enter the amount to be financed and the desired duration and you will get a comparison of the best loans for consumption. Simulation and immediate agreement in principle online.

For the purchase of a car prefer auto credit, a motorbike motorcycle loan and for financing works the loan works which are earmarked credits and often cheaper than just consumer credit.

Ready for consumption, a loan that adapts to your needs!

Ready for consumption, a loan that adapts to your needs!

Consumer credit is the credit that brings together all credits granted to individuals to finance goods or services on a personal basis. Buy furniture, audiovisual equipment, appliances, microcomputer equipment or simply finance leisure (holidays, rental, etc. ..), an event (marriage) or simply a need for cash, the consumer credit finances almost everything with or without proof, it includes all kinds of credits for consumption as the name suggests. From personal loan to auto credit, to revolving credit, it can also be in the form of an acquisition card, or loyalty.

What is consumer loan?

What is consumer loan?

The consumer credit is a financing for which you do not need to justify yourself or rather justify why you need financing. Each credit to his project, there is the assigned credit and the unallocated credit. This is also why, are offered credit auto, motorcycle credit, loan work to adapt the credit to the needs of each for a suitable financing and the best conditions.

You can borrow up to 75,000 USD depending on the type of credit and you benefit from the protection and the law of the “Consumer Code” for the protection of the consumer. You can get a consumption credit for a higher amount, but the guarantees will not be identical.

What is the cheapest consumer credit?

What is the cheapest consumer credit?

The best rate in the consumer credit category, no fees and to conclude a selection of the best funding agencies. Depending on your debt capacity or your borrowing capacity, some credit organizations will be more demanding than others for this it is necessary to make several requests to different organizations specializing in consumer credit to increase your chances of obtaining the best credit. The comparison above is updated regularly, it allows you to view at a glance the most relevant offers in terms of consumer credit or personal loan.

The APR Rate Rate is shown on all the offers and allows you to clearly evaluate the cost of your credit as a whole, the APR, takes into account the interests of the consumer credit as well as all the costs that include the credit is its total cost.

The cheaper consumption credit will be the credit that announces the lowest APR.

The APR are shown excluding insurance because as part of a consumer credit, it is optional. If you want to insure your credit consumption, it will take into account the amount of loan insurance and add to the monthly payment, depending on the duration of your credit it is sometimes interesting to take it is a credit calculation to make .

Anticipate the future and plan to plan an early repayment in case of cash back check, there are no prepayment penalties provided in the loan offer, inquire before signing the l loan offer even if you have 14 days to retract or change your mind.

Depending on your plans, be sure to include an appropriated credit that is often cheaper than a simple unrestricted consumption credit such as revolving credit or unsupported credit.

The consumption credit includes among others:

  • The personal loan
  • Auto credit
  • Motorcycle credit
  • The work loan
  • The revolving credit …

but although they belong to the same category of consumption credits, the applied rates differ from one project to another.

If you want to borrow without going through a conventional bank, test the consumer loan Union loan, the consumer loan between individuals from the only credit platform between individuals approved in France by the banking and financial authorities.

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