Abbey Road Studios have reopened


Abbey Road Studios is back to make some sweet, sweet music. Yesterday, the studio where the Beatles recorded almost all of their albums finally reopened. The first recording session since the lockdown went to Melody Gardot, who was due to record at Abbey Road just before the restrictions were put in place. As Gardot couldn’t travel, she plugged in remotely while members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performed in the studio.

The lockdown saw Abbey Road Studios close for the first time in nearly 90 years, it even remained open during World War II. Thanks to the cover of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album, it is forever associated with the pedestrian crossing in front of its door, so it is worth remembering that Abbey Road is still a working studio, a place where so many other legendary artists have recorded works: Fela Kuti, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Kanye West and Florence + The Machine.

While the studio has technically reopened, staff are still exercising caution. Where possible, gamers and studio engineers wear masks and social distancing.

There was an advantage in closing. The exodus of tourists allowed Westminster Council to finally repaint this pedestrian crossing. So now when the crowds come back for their photo ops, this monochrome Band the road will be like new. For about a week.

In other music news, the world’s first immersive music hall at social distance is coming to London.

From virtual orchestras to socially distanced performances, there’s a new look for Proms 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall.


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