Bowers & Wilkins named official speakers and headphones of Abbey Road Studios

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) have agreed to become the official loudspeaker and headphone supplier to the legendary British audio facility Abbey Road Studios.

According to B&W, the newly formed partnership is the result of the company’s commitment to engineering and performance, and its speakers being the favorite products of the studio’s mixing engineers.

“We are delighted to embark on an audio partnership with Bowers & Wilkins, who share our passion for creative excellence, innovation and the highest audio quality,” said Isabel Garvey, Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios. .

“By working with Bowers & Wilkins, our engineers can continue to provide the best possible studio experience for our customers.”

—Isabel Garvey, Abbey Road Studios

“By working with Bowers & Wilkins, our engineers can continue to deliver the best possible studio experience for our customers and ensure that the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every recording can be translated into the home, just like the artist had foreseen it.”

As part of the newly formed partnership, Bowers & Wilkins will supply Abbey Road Studios with Diamond D3 800 Series loudspeakers for its acclaimed Studios One, Two and Three, as well as The Gatehouse and The Front Room, which are new studios opened in 2017. .

Bowers & Wilkins completes Abbey Road studio renovations

Recently, the 86-year-old recording studio underwent some renovations, including a new studio for “emerging artists”, as well as the opening of a mixing stage for post-production film sound and the launch of ‘Abbey Road Red.

Abbey Road Red is described as Europe’s “first audio technology incubator”. Part of Abbey Road Red’s upcoming work includes developing apps and services that make the studio’s expertise more accessible to producers and musicians around the world.

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B&W has also been busy over the past year, introducing its 700 series of home speakers and noise-canceling PX headphones. Gideon Yu, CEO, points out that the partnership with Abbey Road Studios reflects the level of engineering that the brand brings to the professional and consumer audio markets.

“We are delighted to see Abbey Road Studios and Bowers & Wilkins working together in this partnership,” adds Yu. “We are passionate about delivering the highest quality, most accurate sound possible, from the world’s most demanding studio environments to people’s living rooms. Abbey Road Studios have an incredible heritage of cultivating some of the most talented musicians of the past 86 years, and we are delighted to help extend the quality of the audio experience to the next generation of musicians to work in these legendary studios.

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