Joaquin Phoenix had to leave the studio while filming this sex scene

It must be pretty strange to shoot any sex scene in a movie, but when Joaquin Phoenix had to play one for the sci-fi movie Her, he ended up walking off set and needed a pause.

It’s a brilliant film, combining futuristic technology with romance movie tropes to deliver a heartbreaking tale of unrequited love. Phoenix plays the lead role of Theodore, while MCU star Scarlett Johansson offers her voice talents to the AI ​​character of Samantha, whom Theodore falls in love with.

Appearing on Dax Shepherd’s Expert Armchair podcast, Johansson revealed that recording her orgasm for the drama turned out to be too intense for Phoenix to handle.

Samantha and Theodore basically engage in phone sex in the film, and Johansson said, “We tried to get through a take, and he was like losing her. He left the studio. He needed a break.

“You never want to hear your voice. You definitely don’t want to hear what you think is having an orgasm. You definitely don’t want to hear what it sounds like you’re having a fake orgasm – ew. It’s so rude. It was so weird,” she added.

So while these actors may be more than comfortable wreaking havoc in the superhero movie world, the idea of ​​simulating phone sex was too much. We can’t blame them; we imagine the whole situation to be incredibly awkward.

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