Panasonic expands its range of PTZ and studio cameras

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Newark, New Jersey—Panasonic Connect North America announced the expansion of its line of professional PTZ and studio cameras to support more dynamic multi-camera productions and enable studios looking to expand their connected workflows with SMPTE2110 support and IP/networking capabilities.

“As more and more organizations seek to improve the quality of their production to engage and immerse audiences in their content, it will be more important than ever for them to have flexible, high-quality camera technology at a reasonably priced,” says Carter Hoskins of Panasonic Connect. . “We are proud to expand our lineup with these solutions and help production teams across industries elevate their productions, improve their content and reach new audiences.”

Panasonic said the new AW-UE160 PTZ camera and AK-PLV100 studio camera are being released at a time when more production is being released on streaming platforms and are designed to help production teams make their more exciting and engaging content.

As production teams engage in more multi-camera broadcasts, cameras also allow teams to capture different angles and shots for more dynamic content.

The AW-UE160 PTZ camera joins the Platinum series of high-end, broadcast-quality PTZs. It features a new 1″ 4K MOS sensor that offers the highest sensitivity of Panasonic Connect’s entire PTZ range so production crews shooting in a concert hall or church can easily capture clear images even under the most challenging lighting conditions, the company said.

Additionally, the UE160’s new optical low-pass filter reduces moiré for clearer image quality when shooting against an LED wall, which is especially important for rental environments and of showmanship or worship, Panasonic reported.

Its high-speed frame rate will also help sports broadcasters capture HD slow-motion footage for replays, while seamless integration with the robotic camera system brings live stream-like motion to the PTZ, making results in a dynamic and highly engaging production.

The AK-PLV100 35mm Cine Live studio camera features a super 35mm large format imager and a PL lens mount to accommodate cine lenses for a shallow look, Panasonic said.

The AK-PLV100 is a fully enabled system camera and is compatible with the AK-HCU250 and AK-UCU600 camera control units, making it a companion to existing B4 mount camera systems. To capture cinematic video, simply replace the existing camera head with the AK-PLV100, the company said.

The camera also leverages Panasonic Connect’s expertise in live IP production, the company said.

It outputs 12G-SDI signals from the camera head and can interface directly with feedback, control and other communications, or via the ST 2110 when used without a CCU. For multi-camera productions, the AK-PLV100 can also be used simultaneously with the AW-UE160 – which has the toolset to create a more unified look – to capture a variety of angles and shots for a more interesting and compelling production. With this combination of features, the AK-PLV100 gives media and entertainment professionals flexibility and control without sacrificing production quality, the company said.

To help production studios move towards more connected IP workflows, both cameras will be SMPTE2110 compatible (AW-UE160 users can activate via the AW-SFU60 software key, sold separately). This will allow for a more streamlined connection to the KAIROS IT/IP platform (launched May 2020), which gives professionals unlimited control to deliver rich content across multiple screens and streams.

The AW-UE160 PTZ Camera and AK-PLV100 Studio Camera are on display at the NAB Show New York (Booth #725) October 19-20, 2022, where Panasonic Connect will showcase its portfolio of video and broadcast solutions.

For more information on Panasonic Connect’s full range of professional PTZ and studio cameras, visit here.

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