Pinoy content studio offers a platform for young artists

Pinoy content studio provides a platform for young artists 2

Cadian Studios General Manager Ron Pangyarihan (left) and General Manager Juju Maglacas. Handout

Juju Maglacas, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Cadian Studios, has worked with artists such as Sugarcane (clockwise from top left), Garage Morning and Color the Era. Handout

Advancements in technology and the internet have truly made the world smaller and crossing borders much easier.

Cadian Studios is a new creative and media agency specializing in ideation, content creation and music production.

It was founded by Eastern University alumnus Ron Pangyarihan, who, in addition to being an aspiring musician, describes himself as a storyteller.

“I think effective content tells stories that are relatable and communicate well with the audience,” said bespectacled Pangyarihan, 27, who is also Cadian’s chief executive. “And we tell those stories to our customers through video or music.”

One of their first projects was to create new nursery rhymes called Imaginary Junior for a Singaporean company.

These rhymes garnered over 600,000 likes and views in the first few months of its release.

“This project was educational not only for the end users but also for me, because you appreciate what is done to reach very young children,” Pangyarihan ventured.

Cadian’s managing partner and chief operating officer is Juju Maglacas, producer and sound engineer.

Maglacas has worked with many young artists such as Warner Music pop group Sugarcane, recording artist Viva Color the Era and up-and-coming pop rock band Garage Morning. One of their clients is also Kean Cipriano’s O/C Records who have produced a lot of great music featuring young artists.

“Original Pilipino Music has become increasingly popular with many talented new musicians creating music,” the CEO of Cadian pointed out. “We want to help them reach their potential by helping with music production and creating content to promote them.”

Another aspect of Cadian is that they host educational webinars and produce videos on content creation, home recording, and production work.

“I think through what we do we can reach a lot of people and I think that’s great,” Pangyarihan summed up. “I’m excited about the possibilities and the opportunities.”

For more information about Cadian, parties may visit their website at

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