TESTAMENT hopes to release a new studio album in 2023

During a September 13 appearance on SiriusXMit is “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”, WILL leader chuck billy talked about what it was like to play with david lombardo again following the formerKILLER the return of the drummer WILL earlier this year. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We had a great time. I think he really likes playing in the band, likes the music. And now we’re talking about, ‘Let’s maybe talk about making a new record.’ So hopefully that’s in the future.”

Requested by host Eddie Trunk if there is new material already in preparation, Mandrel said, “Well, Eric [Peterson, TESTAMENT guitarist] has a lot of music. He doesn’t really like to work, put his head down – he has to go mentally to create songs. So after this tour [the second U.S. leg of ‘The Bay Strikes Back’ with EXODUS, and DEATH ANGEL], we don’t have anything in the books until April. So, from November to April, it’s time to get in there and start working on new songs. So hopefully we’ll have a new record by next year.”

Earlier this month, WILL recruited drummer Chris Dovas (SEVEN ARROWS) to play the first six dates of the summer/autumn stage of “The Bay Strikes Back”. He was replacing Lombardowho was unable to do the concerts due to a scheduling conflict with the UNFAVORABLE.

“The Bay Strikes Back” will end on October 15 in San Jose, California.

An original member of thrash metal legends KILLER, Lombardo was the guest drummer on WILL1999 studio album “The meeting”which also marked the first time the band worked with an up-and-coming British producer/engineer Andy Snap.

Lombardo joined WILL in February following the departure of Gene Hoglan.

“The meeting” was widely considered an improvement over 1997 “Demonic”an album that saw Bowl employs a more guttural style of vocals and was released at a time when thrash acted as WILL had fallen out of favor.

Hoglan originally played drums on “Demonic”, but did not stay long enough to tour with the band. He officially joins WILL in 2011 and has played on the band’s last three albums: 2012’s “Dark Roots of the Earth”2016 “The Brotherhood of the Serpent” and 2020s “Titans of Creation”.

WILL released a “Titans of Creation” video album on September 9 via Nuclear explosion. The limited edition collection includes performance videos of all tracks on the disc. The footage was compiled on a sound stage in San Francisco and was edited into music video style clips which were made available on Blu-ray accompanying the CD along with bonus photos and liner notes as well as a button and a sticker in a long box. Faithful to the record, the performances present Gene Hoglan behind the kit. This version is limited to 6,500 copies worldwide.

“Titans of Creation” was produced by Bowl and peterson while Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios handled co-production, recording and engineering. Andy Snap was responsible for mixing and mastering the album. Eliran Kantor stepped up once again to create a new masterpiece of cover art for this release.

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