Tito Da Fire releases his third studio album “On The Shoulders of Giants (OSG)”

Speaking on the album, Tito Da Fire’s said: “OSG ​​is a global African anthem, a theme of hope and expression across borders, cultures and colors”.

The album tells the captivating story of Tito “NIGHALI” (Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia). He coined the name as a metaphor for non-violent pan-African liberation through music, cultural and economic empowerment.

It revolves around the historical concept of the rise “On the shoulders of giants”, which tells his personal story of rising through the uprisings in Liberia, Nigeria (his father’s native country), to become a cohesive voice outside Nigeria. Above all, the album reminds the culture that, “while we are all crying out for oppression, we must come with clean hands”.

The album’s sound direction boasts Afro-fusion, afrobeats, world music, reggae-fusion, afro-pop and R&B influences, with the lead single, ‘One day’ released on July 29, 2022, while ‘Abibeji’ (February 2022) and ‘Kokoro’ (August 2021). Production and recording took place in five countries, namely Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Germany and the United States, between 2021 and 2022, at multiple recording studios.

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