BLACKPINK Tops Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking For Sixth Consecutive Month

BLACKPINK has topped November’s girl group brand reputation rankings. This is notably the sixth consecutive month in which pink venom singers top the list.

Rookie girl group NewJeans have gone up close, almost one-on-one with BLACKPINK. Another popular Gen 4 girl group, IVE, ranked third in the November Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings.

The two all-time popular Korean girl groups TWICE and Girls’ Generation took the fourth and fifth spots respectively in the November girl group brand reputation rankings.

BLACKPINK scored a Brand Reputation Index of 5,678,123 for November

Blackpink is No. 1 again in the Brand Reputation Index for the month of November, with the score of 5,678,123!

BLACKPINK, which had a turbulent year, topped November’s girl group brand reputation rankings with a brand reputation index of 5,678,123.

Not only did they release their highly anticipated album NE ROSEbut have also released the second full album of their career so far, THE ALBUM back in 2020.

They came out pink venomthe fiery pre-release single, in August and released NE ROSE with the title song Close in September. Following the release of their second full album, YG Entertainment revealed that the members will be embarking on a world tour, their most ambitious yet.

Beginning in Seoul, South Korea on October 15, the girls will travel to the United States and Europe, after which they will fly to Asia, Australia and the Middle East, along with others dates to be added in 2023.

It is billed as the biggest world tour ever undertaken by a K-pop girl group. The top-ranking keyphrases in the pink venom the singers’ keyword analysis includes “world tour”, “Instagram” and “concert”, related to their recent NE ROSE around the world and their incredible presence on social networks, especially on Instagram.

Their top-ranked related terms included “execute”, “record” and “advertise”, with a positive feedback score of 85.91% in the positivity-negativity analysis.

The Korean Business Research Institute decides the ranking based on various factors including media coverage, social media interaction and community participation of various popular Korean girl groups with data collected during a one-month period from 13 October to November 13.

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hype boy NewJeans Singers ranked second with a Brand Reputation Index of 5,412,686, marking an impressive 71.02% increase in their score since October. They also went from number 5 in October to number 2 in November.

love dive IVE Singers retained their third place with a Brand Reputation Index of 4,395,657, marking a slight 6.08% increase in their score since last month.

Two of Korea’s most popular girl groups, TWICE and Girls’ Generation, ranked fourth and fifth respectively in November’s girl group brand reputation rankings.

TWICE ranked fourth with a brand reputation index of 2,664,683, while Girls’ Generation rounded out the top five on the aforementioned list with a brand score of 2,430,151.

.@BLACKPINK ranks #1 on the Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking for the month of November 2022! Congratulations, BLACKPINK! 🖤💗 Favorite K-Pop Artist #AMA

BLACKPINK’s first music video BOMBAYAH reaches 1.5 billion views on YouTube

youtube cover

On November 12, BLACKPINK’s music video for BOMBAYAH reached the 1.5 billion views mark, becoming the first K-pop music video in history to achieve this feat. BOMBAYAH was released on August 8, 2016 at 8 p.m. KST, and is one of the double tracks of their debut album Square One.

BLACKPINK now has three music videos – BOMBAYAHDDU-DU DDU-DU, and Kill this love, who reached 1.5 billion views on YouTube, making him the first K-pop artist in history to achieve this feat.

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