THROWBACK: When SHINee opened up about band compatibility, music evolution and more



We return to July 2021 when SHINee talked about her band compatibility, music, and more while chatting with Marie Claire Korea. When asked how they adapt to changing times and how their music changes based on that, to which Onew shared: “In the past I used to sing just because I love to sing, but now I think I should support SHINee even more as a singer. This is because there is a huge absence. As the other members thought about it and progressed, I thought I should also contribute . Since singing is the best I can do, I decided to relearn how to sing. I’m honestly not someone who does things with certainty. I just want to pick a slightly better direction, and I hope to go in a direction that I can improve myself in. The best thing about singing this time is the fact that the members are together, rather than the response to that. “Onew explained.

Asked how they like to play music, former Taemin band said, “Honestly, the most important thing at a concert is sincerity. A concert is where an artist shows what he wants to show and says what he wants to say. Online gigs have limits to these emotional aspects, but it’s the best option in this situation.

Taemin also mentioned the time they did a 2008 skit on “SHINee’s Start-Up” as his favorite moment during their promotions. He said, “Honestly, the most enjoyable time was chatting with the members in the practice rooms. I was actually alone during the time without the limbs. I felt a lot of burden because I had to prepare myself. I thought I had to make things even more perfect since the limbs had completed the aspects that I was missing, and I couldn’t let these imperfections show up just because the limbs weren’t there. However, there were also downsides to being together. The workouts that should have ended in 30 minutes didn’t end even after three hours because we were chatting.

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