Canadian progressive metalcore band All Else Fails prepare for their 10th studio effort

Official press release:

from Canada All else fails releasing their tenth studio recording this year, the aggressive and desperate EP The Black Lake Incident. Intended to be listened to as a single piece of music, it is dark, both musically and lyrically as a vocalist/guitarist, Barrett Klesko wrote his parts in the darkest, most angsty headspace he had ever been in. He says that when writing this album, he was convinced that it had been stripped of time and barely worked. This personal torment spills over into the first track written for the EP Me, profaner.

Klesko further explains:

“At the beginning of my spiral, when the confusion about my own state was at its height. I was doing everything I could to understand the pain I was feeling. I tried using Acid to try to explore my own mind. Informally guided journeys allowed me to see aspects of myself that I hadn’t considered, and I desperately sought clarity that I couldn’t find in the real world. This song is about mostly of these explorations of self, both of the positive and the futile. the song is erratic, kinetic and industrial. It’s heavy, both in the guitars but also in the electronics and noise, and carries a time shift in its bridge that reinforces the disconnect between perception and reality.

Me, profaner is the brutal duality of man. From the pursuit of knowledge, while being blind to our own instincts and ambitions. It is poisoning oneself to see clearly. It is the beauty and loss of the endless night sky. It’s seeing yourself and being repelled by the hollow behind your own eyes. It’s hopelessly industrial, ever-changing, relentless in its own tumult; oscillating between grating guitar work and guttural screams to nerve-wracking digital cleans backed by melodic programming.

Compared to their other nine albums, The Black Lake Incident is heavier than they’ve been in a while, which fans always love about them, but it’s also way weirder. There’s a lot of chaotic energy in the recording, but they’ve carefully placed every distorted chug, weird gurgling, out-of-tune synth, erratic glitches, or catastrophic bass drop.

The band’s previous single “Flesh/Excess/Wealth” from the upcoming EP can be heard here:

The EP The Black Lake Incident releases September 30, 2022.

The Black Lake Incident track list:

1. Me, profaner
2. The corpse inside
3. Flesh / Excess / Wealth
4. Crystal Mountain

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