Eli Manning takes shots and hits the recording studio with rapper Fivio Foreign

Eli Manning takes pictures with Fivio

Fivio Abroad/Instagram

Eli Manning is a man of many hats!

A day after the shooting of his weekly ManningCast show with big brother Peyton Manningthe 41-year-old former NFL quarterback hit a recording studio on Tuesday with the New York rapper Foreign Fivio.

“I go to the studio with Eli Manning”, Fivio, 32, wrote on Twitter.

In a video posted to the platform, Manning and his former New York Giants teammate center Shaun O’Hara are seen taking photos with the rapper.

“We’re shooting. Eli. Shaun. We’re having a toast. We’re in the studio doing Big Drip,” Fivio said in the video.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback wore a yellow Celine hoodie, matching bucket hat and diamond chain necklace for the outing. The accessory did not appear be the same one Snoop Dogg gave him earlier this year.

While it’s not immediately clear why Manning and Fivio were together, the athlete has shown he’s not averse to stepping out of the pocket — or in this case, his comfort zone.

Last month, Manning shared a video for his ESPN show Eli’s places in which he hilariously tried his hand at being an extra at Penn State University.

The former athlete donned makeup, a mustache and a wig to channel a new persona: Chad Powers, who he brought up for some backstory was a “substitute teacher and part-time carpenter.”

While assessing his new look in the mirror, he said, “I feel a little bit Matthew McConaugheyof Dazed and confused. Alright, alright, alright.”

Before entering the field, he FaceTimed Peyton who immediately laughed, then predicted, “If you throw as well as that mustache, then I think you’re going to make the team.”

While head coach James Franklin and maybe a few others were on board, those trying out for the team seemed clueless.

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“When was the last team you played for? asked an assistant coach.

“I was homeschooled,” Manning-as-Powers replied, “My mom was my coach.”

After being reported by Franklin as being disqualified for running too slowly and not jumping far enough, Manning revealed his true identity.

“I thought I had it, boys,” he told his fellow competitors while removing his wig. “I’m just a 41-year-old man who wants to play ball.”

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