D-CRUNCH to no longer continue in a group

D-CRUNCH has officially ended.

The boy group’s agency AI Grand Korea made the heartbreaking announcement at the boy group’s fan cafe on November 9. The decision was made after a long discussion with the other members of the group.

D-CRUNCH FANCCAFE: “Hello, so is AI GRAND. After discussion with the members of D-CRUNCH, we have decided to disband the group. I’m so sorry for causing our fans much concern with this sudden news. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the—#DCRUNCH #디크런치 #D_CRUNCH

In an official press release regarding the disbandment, D-CRUNCH apologized to their fans for the heartbreaking news, stating:

“Hello. This is Ai Grand Korea. After discussion with the group members, we have decided to disband the group. We are very sorry for causing many fans to worry with this sudden news.

After group idol Dylan’s recent departure in October 2022, the boy band has continued as a six-member group.

The D-CRUNCH fancafe will close in November 2022

A recent press release announcing the disbandment of D-CRUNCH also informed DIANA (fans of the boy band) that the official social media profiles and fancafe of the Dream group will be closed in November.

“The official fan cafe and official social media accounts will all be shut down in November. We ask fans to take this into consideration.

On a heartfelt note, AI Grand Korea expressed their gratitude to all the band members who shared a long journey with the agency, while also thanking the boy band’s fans for their unwavering support and love even in difficult times. , stating:

“We sincerely thank the members of D-CRUNCH who have been with Ai Grand Korea for a long time. We deeply thank DIANA and all the fans who loved D-CRUNCH during this time and ask that you send your undying love and support to the members. who will start again in various fields.

Learn more about D-CRUNCH and their latest album

D-CRUNCH debuted as a nonet in 2018. The K-pop group initially consisted of rappers Hyunho, OV, Minhyuk, Chanyoung, Jungseung, and Dylan. The vocalists of the group were Hyunwook, Hyunoh and Hyunwoo. During its first two years, the band released a series of fantastic mini-albums and singles, which contributed to the band’s meteoric rise to fame.

Earlier in March this year, the band released their second single album, Addiction, before the split of the group. A total of four mini albums, two single albums, two digital singles, a Japanese single and a single in Japan have been released by the boy group.

After idol Hyunwoo went on hiatus from the group in 2020 due to injury, things quickly started to go downhill. Hyunwoo finally left the group soon after. The next member to leave the group was Minhyuk, in 2021, who left to pursue a solo career in the music industry.

Dylan’s most recent departure in October 2022 for personal reasons and serious health issues likely spelled the end of the boy band. The members have now reportedly decided to pursue their solo careers in various fields. More details on the individual artists’ future plans have yet to be disclosed.

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