K-pop group Drippin on the year of many firsts

Promotional photo of K-pop boy group Drippin’ debut full album ‘Villain: The End’, which was released on November 15, 2022. Photo courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

MANILA — Debuting during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020 hasn’t stopped South Korean boy band Drippin from gaining fans, but the health crisis has kept them from meeting supporters in person.

That’s why the pop act consisting of Yunseong, Hyeop, Changuk, Dongyun, Minseo, Junho, and Alex felt elated when they finally came face to face with their fans, called Dreamin, during the extended play promotions. (EP) “Villain: Zero” last June.

“I met my fans for the first time and it was truly amazing. I have always missed them so much and I was so happy to finally meet them in person,” Minseo said in a recent interview with ABS-CBN. News.

It’s been an eventful year for Drippin, who also met overseas fans for the first time when he performed in Thailand last September. The band also expanded their discography with their “Villain” trilogy of albums.

Launched in January with the “Villain” EP, the series saw the band turn to a darker, bolder concept, away from the bright, youthful vibe shown in previous singles like “Young Blood” and “Free Pass. “.

The trilogy incorporated storytelling, with the music videos for singles “Villain” and “Zero” featuring the story of a war between characters called X and DX.

On Tuesday, Drippin unveiled the final chapter of the trilogy through his first full album “Villain: The End.”

The package contains 10 songs, including lead single “The One,” which fuses heavy rock-inspired guitar riffs into the fast-paced drum and bass genre.

Below is Drippin’s interview, which has been edited for brevity and clarity:

Q: What message were you trying to convey through the “Villain” albums and how does “Villain: The End” differ from previous albums?

XANDER: I think through these albums we managed to get the message across that Drippin can go through anything when they’re together. I want to thank everyone who supported our “Villain” trilogy until the end.

The difference between our new album and the previous ones is that it shows the end of the war between X and DX, so I think the K-pop group Drippin on year of many firsts song (“The One”) has a somewhat light atmosphere, unlike the previous two albums.

Q: What were the first reactions from the members when they learned that Drippin was finally going to release a full album?

HYEOP: We were all so excited to release our first full album and it motivated us to try even harder.

Q: Can members share their favorite song from the album except “The One”?

YUNSEONG: I like “Deja Vu” because the sexy vibe of the song really suits me. I’m sure Dreamin will like it too.

CHANGUK: My favorite is “Deja Vu” because it has a cool atmosphere and the melodies are very memorable.

DONGYUN: My favorite is “Silence”. The song is emotional and it’s not only a sentimental song, but it’s also exciting to listen to.

JUNHO: My favorite will always be “Deja Vu”. As soon as I heard it, the lovely melody caught my ears and I think it’s a song that makes my head spin a bit because of its quality.

XANDER: My favorite song is “Champion” because it’s powerful and makes me feel like I can be a champion one day. Moreover, I particularly like my role in the song.

Q: What’s next for Drippin after the “Villain” series?

YUNSEONG: After finishing the “Villain” era, we can come back with different genres of songs with our own interpretation of them.

Q: Last September, you visited Thailand, which was your first overseas program. I’ve seen video clips of fans welcoming Drippin at the airport. How was this experience?

CHANGUK: I was very nervous because it was my first time going overseas as a member of Drippin. However, when I arrived in Thailand, I heard the fans cheering me on and welcoming me. I think I will be able to remember this moment for a long time.

YUNSEONG: When I got off at the airport, I remember the cheers of Thai fans welcoming us. I would like to thank everyone who was at the airport to encourage and support us.

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Promotional photo of K-pop boy group Drippin’ debut full album ‘Villain: The End’, which was released on November 15, 2022. Photo courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Q: Since we are talking about overseas promotions, can members give specific countries they would like to visit?

HYEOP: There are so many countries I want to visit but I want to play in the United States, where my sister is staying at the moment.

MINSEO: I want to play in the Philippines. I know how much our Dreamin Filipinos miss us so I can’t wait to play for them.

JUNHO: Of course, I want to go to different countries and play, but the country that comes to mind now is Indonesia. I want to play with the energy of the Indonesian fans.

XANDER: I want to play in my home country, Germany.

Q: It’s been two years since Drippin debuted. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far and what goal does the band have for the future?

JUNHO: The biggest achievement for us is successfully concluding the “Villain” series. I think I’m attached to it because it’s a project we’ve all worked hard on for a long time. The goal I want to achieve is to win first place [on a music show] with our music.

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