Prince Harry performs with Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios

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the Duke of SussexThe complicated extraction of the British royal family has not been Bed of Roses so far, but the artist formerly known as Prince was able to enjoy an advantage on Friday – by participating in an in-studio session with the legendary soft rocker Jon Bon Jovi in London.

The unlikely pair rocked as Bon Jovi recorded a new version of his song “Unbroken” for this year’s Invictus Games, the athletic competition for injured service members Harry created in 2014.

Battling the rainy weather in the British capital – which made surfaces slippery when wet – the prince met Bon Jovi outside the famous Abbey Road Studioschatting casually with the mop singer.

The two were then ushered into the control room overlooking Studio 2, where the Beatles recorded in the 1960s, and shared a quick duet in front of studio microphones.

“It’s gonna be really easy, pretend like you’re singing in your bedroom,” the New Jersey rocker told his counterpart. “Just shout it,” he added – an approach Bon Jovi never shied away from during his band’s heyday in the ’80s.

Harry shared a preview of the encounter on his Instagram page.

“We just gargled next so we’re good to go,” he joked to the media afterwards.

Never to runaway from a photoshoot, the duo then indulged in one of London’s quintessential tourist activities by posing on the level crossing made famous by the Beatles, on the cover of their ‘Abbey Road’ album. .

Harry also spoke with members of the Invictus Choir, who worked with Bon Jovi as he reworked ‘Unbroken’. Originally released last year, the pro-veteran anthem now includes backing vocals from choir members.

The stoppage is part of Harry’s final round of engagements before he and his wife, Meghan, step back from royal duties, splitting their time between the UK and Canada.

Rather than cling to what they have, the couple decided earlier this year to say ‘It’s my life’ to the rest of the Royal Family – reducing their duties and agreeing to a transition period which begins on the 31st. March.

“He’s a wonderful young man,” the singer told the BBC after the visit, adding that Harry was a “Bon Jovi fan” – but the rocker declined to comment on his decision to step down from the family.

Bon Jovi is set to release a new album in May and will tour the United States with Bryan Adams over the summer.

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