Returning 1st and 2nd Generation Boy Group Members: The DONG-A ILBO

Members of the boy band that ruled an era have signaled their return. From HOT, who commanded “Oppa’s Army” in the 1990s, TVXQ, SHINee, the 1st and 2nd generation male idol group members are gearing up for a solo comeback. As girl groups dominate the music industry this summer, fan expectations are growing as the return of boy group members grabs headlines.

The first is Key, a member of SHINee, a longtime band that debuted 15 years ago. Key released his second album “Gasoline” on Wednesday. This is the first album released in three years and nine months since the first full album “Face”. Along with the title track “Gasoline”, 11 songs such as “Bound” and “Villain” are included. Immediately after its release, the album topped iTunes’ “Top Album Chart” in 23 countries, including Finland, Brazil, Australia, Chile, and Russia. The title track is a hip-hop dance song with rhythmic drums and beautiful horns, and Key participated as a lyricist. Key said at a press conference on Wednesday, “I don’t mind talking about love, but now is the time to add autobiographical elements to promote the vitality of the album.”

Key’s return is followed by HOT lead singer Kangta. He will be making a comeback on the 7th of this month with his 4th full album “Eyes on You” to celebrate the 26th anniversary of his debut. As this is the 26th anniversary album, the release date of the album has also been decided to fall on its debut date. It is the first full album to be released in 17 years since the 3rd full album “Persona” released in 2005, raising the expectations of fans. Kangta, who debuted with HOT’s first full album on September 7, 1996, featured various hit songs as a solo singer even after the group’s disbandment, such as “Polaris” and “Evergreen Tree”.

Former TVXQ member Kim Jaejoong will return with his third full album “BORN GENE” on September 13. It is the first full album to be released in six years since the second full album, “Knox” in 2016. Kim Jaejoong plans to perform during his concert touring Asian countries including Malaysia and Thailand, at from Seoul in September.

Jae-Hee Kim [email protected]

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