Studio Owner Uses Small Etiquette to Foster Connection, Creativity and Collaboration | Vince Martellacci

Kyle Boydstun knows the importance of growing your network and helping those in it succeed as you succeed. When I met him three years ago, he had enjoyed the distinction of playing drums for the San Francisco 49ers and thanked Blue Devils Entertainment. He mentions them again as we catch up: “I grew up playing music. I did band all elementary school. In high school, I started playing drums for the San Francisco 49ers and the Golden State Warriors, thanks to Blue Devils Entertainment. This performance experience for such a large operation gave me an idea of ​​the importance of all the efforts behind the scenes that really have an effect on something that we consume so fluidly.

Kyle Boydstun

Today, Kyle runs a small studio and record label in Piedmont. Family Link Records is truly a vision of collaboration and community. Kyle shares a bit of what he’s built: “Family Tie Records really build your list once the pandemic hit and i started recording artists in my home studio. Everything fell into place very organically and very quickly. Kyle continues, “Someone new would come in every week, and with them came their team or their friends, whatever. This included photographers, designers and other talents.

Kyle focuses on building a collaborative, tight-knit network in both his business strategy and his approach to life: “It’s those people with non-musical talents that really got me thinking about creating a list of people we can call on when we need something.” And it paid off in spades. His professional approach, his experience beyond his years and his authentic personality have kept bring back artists, and he is grateful: “It is especially to the artists themselves that I owe all the credit for having made Family Tie Records a reality. They are the ones who have been faithful to me and who have come back for more sessions, they are the ones who have given me the experience and their confidence in their art. Their confidence in me transformed into giving advice beyond just music.

Kyle also produces his own music as a hobby, but admits that “if I’m completely honest with myself, my dream is to play my own original music full time”. He plans to start dating again in 2023. He’s happy as long as he’s making music and heading for big things. He says, “I also spend a lot of time teaching music production and drumming at various schools in the Bay Area, which is my passion. Would I want to be entirely behind the scenes? Maybe. I think if I found a place there that met the needs of my lifestyle, then sure.

But if Kyle can do it, he won’t do it alone. He’s not just trying to get rich; he is trying to build something lasting for himself and his people. He says it simply and says it better: “The vision is a community. Hope is prosperity.

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