Venezuelan band Joudy deliver long-awaited comeback with “Uneasy”

The Venezuelan band reunited after seeking refuge in the United States and now, finally, they are free to focus solely on music.

Psychedelic rock band Joudy were forced to flee Venezuela, individually, in 2017 at the height of their success. Despite the grim prospects they assumed for the band, the trio have now established themselves as mainstays of the Brooklyn rock scene. Not only about to release their first records in Spanish, The Bestia and Overturato streaming services for the first time, but the trio also have a brand new LP in English and Spanish, Destroy all monsters on the way to 2023, starting with the lead single “Uneasy”.

The new releases signal the resumption of normal service for the band, at least some semblance of it, after a rough run. Individual circumstances caused the members of Joudy to leave Venezuela years apart, and despite their string of critically acclaimed releases in the country before, the group’s fate in their new home was assumed to be bleak. However, when Hulrich Navas (drums) finally joined Gabriel Gavidia (bass) and Diego Ramirez (vocals/guitar) in The Big Apple, some three years after Ramirez’s move and even longer since Gavidia had made it, they were finally able to train together again. and get back to what they do best. Their new music marries their story with the impossible challenges they’ve overcome both personally and professionally since we last heard from them.

Those in New York can catch Joudy’s new chapter at Berlin’s iconic intimate concert hall, in their weekly September residency, with performances on September 15, 22 and 29.

For more from Joudy, click here, or head below to get a taste of what’s to come, right now, by listening to new single “Uneasy”…

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