Qalamkaar – group of writers publishes Book & Song in Udhampur

UDHAMPUR, AUGUST 28: An impressive function was organized today under the banner of Qalamkaar – the group of writers, to release poetic collection “Bekheyali Gazal Sangrah” and Hindi video song “Fariyaad” both written by Anu Atri Yaad.

The song’s lyricist Anu Atri Yaad belongs to Udhampur, while singer Aseem Sharma hails from Jammu. The video song was directed by Pankaj Khajuria and produced by Mohan Atri and Varun veer.

Writer and historian Shiv Dutt Nirmohi was the chief guest at the liberation ceremony, while district information officer Rajinder Digra was the guest of honour.

Culture Officer Dr. Shah Nawaz Rajouri was the special guest, who praised Anu Atri Yaad for his book “Bekheyali” and his song “Fariyad”.

The program began with a welcome address by the Anu Atri Yaad Qalamkaar group.

The stage was ruled by Aakashwani’s main broadcaster Ramesh Maratha with his magical presentation, while Urdu poet Ashok Sharma briefed the attendees on the book and Sunita Kumari briefed the attendees on the work and achievements of the Qalamkaar group.

At the end of the program, Varun Veer, the chief secretary of the Qalamkaar group, presented a vote of thanks to the dignitaries as well as to the participants.

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